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Monday, October 25, 2010

This was a morning assembly speech by one of my students.

 Topic-The Best source we have today to look at to make our Tomorrow Bright.
Tshering Dorji 'T' XII Sci 'D' Phunakha HSS 

Someone told us his story sometime a go, ‘As a kid I was bit dull and failed in class five, as a man I made lot of blunders but I worked hard taking interest in my duty’. Who do you think is this someone? Yes our Principal Sir. We can see where that boy stands today, that boy who failed in class five. My friends he has done nothing extraordinary.  His hard work has helped him get where he is today and his sincerity has people admiring him. When I visit the schools where I completed my junior schooling, I see no changes there even when it is after many years. But I have seen many changes in this school during my stay here. Let me not talk about the major changes but pick the simplest. The simplest change I want to point out today is the flower garden behind me. When we were admitted here in class nine, there were six tins here as flower pots. The garden behind you, imagine those days and see what is there today; marry gold flowers. This is our Principal, I have him as the best example for hard work because he is the only living man whom I saw with my own eyes doing it and whom I heard with my own ears saying it.

Mr. Norbu Tshering is the next person I would like to talk about.
Imagine yourself in a situation where you have given a wrong answer to a question, and then see yourself being corrected in two ways. One, by a direct, ‘You are wrong’, and another with something like,’ you have a point in saying this, but don’t you think your answer will have more positive points if you...’ Of course both the responses point out the mistake and correct the answer but which one do you think will be more effective. Obviously the second one and this is called correction through encouragement. When we are bluntly being refused we get insulted and that discourages us to answer or share our views next time. But correction with encouragement helps us to try harder; it creates a free surrounding for one to participate. So, from him I have, ‘correction does more but encouragement does much.’

Next, is Mr. Rinchen Dorji.
In this competitive world most of us have a different meaning for ‘ego’ and ‘self-pride’. Most of us even say we need ego when studying. I don’t say that they are wrong but only doubt. See whether you have ego or self-pride, Mr. Rinchen said, ‘Only I can do it, is ego. I can also do it, is self-pride’. It is very important that we think, ‘I can also do it’ because this encourages one to work with determination and succeed in a better way. But, ‘only I can do it’ is ego and egotistical people can never lead a happy life. So this is what I have from him and I thank him for this.

Mr. Raja Mohan
The word sacrifice may be sometimes given a negative connotation. It may invoke the fear of parting in some but my dear friends sacrifice doesn’t imply a loss, it can mean making choices. It may mean giving up smaller gains for greater goods. Good leaders sacrifice not with resentment but with willingness. So my friends isn’t this what Mr. Raja Mohan does in the hostel? Doesn’t he sacrifice his leisure for us with willingness? He sleeps late with us and wakes up early so that he can send us for our morning study, though he does it sometimes with a bucket of water. We don’t need to be passive smokers in the hostel because of Mr. Raja Mohan, and we don’t see our friends drunk and creating problem because of him. He has sacrificed a lot for us and performed his duty well. Learn from him how to commit oneself to one’s duty.

Mr. Pashupati Sharma
I have been under him for the past three years and now I even enjoy his scolding. He is a man of wisdom with golden words. Let me share with you one word of wisdom I heard from him.
Jellyfish sometimes sallow snail and since the snail is protected in the shell, it remains alive. The snail then starts eating the jellyfish from the inside till it grows and till it consumes the entire jellyfish. From him I have, ‘it is always from the inside that we destroy ourselves and it is also the enemy within that consumes the society.’  

My friends, the people I mentioned today are not well known, nor are they Heroes. I did not mention any great world leader nor did I mention famous influential personalities. I did not quote Gandhi or Mother Teresa. I did not because all these great people are beyond our reach but our teachers are the ones who are always with us. So, I say, our teachers are the best source for what ever we need to learn to face life.
These teachers I mentioned are some who have greatly influenced me in my life; I would like to take this opportunity to thank them and all the teachers for being teachers.


  1. the speech have made me speechless
    really loved it. thanks for sharing what we have missed sir.... hats off to all my teachers and tshering dorji..

    P.S learned a lot

    ugyen lhamo

  2. that was 1 of the best speeches i have ever really touched my heart n m glad that i came across it though i missed to hear it that is also a great opportunity for me to thank all my teachers.
    jangchuk dema

  3. love it Tshering Dorji[Ada]. you did a great job that day....
    that was a master piece......
    simply wonderful
    thank you sir for posting it

  4. Nice to go through it again, our students always make us feel good, the kind of love they shower on us keep us going as a Teacher

  5. Of course Teacher are always Hero of Children !
    But It is the Fact Any Bad behavior or personality of A Teacher is made a great significant impression on A child !
    and this bad impression is more harmful to a life than a brutal murder of A life
    Any School Management should be more careful and responsible on selection of a person as A Teacher.

  6. Stories you share from your school show how well the kids are maturing in thought in your school. Very encouraging and inspiring.

  7. Nice one sir..worth of reading again and again!!!!
    your student
    Nono jimmy

  8. wonderful thoughts love it student ayati

  9. this speech inspire all the adults and make them aware about the value of teachers and I'm dam sure that this speech will definietly bring a change though only in few adult .

  10. Thank you all for reading. The boy's speech was helpful and it has in many ways helped teachers become better at what they are doing. Thank you

  11. liked it, and you there in the speech means you are worth there in this boy's life.
    with appreciation from panbang.